Best Toy Types to Entertain Your Dachshund

Dachshunds make loving family companions but still retain that feisty, terrier-like spirit. As a natural “hound dog“, they possess high energy levels and love to play. However, their long backs can be prone to injury if over-exerted.

The purpose of this post is to explore some of the best toy options for entertaining, stimulating and engaging your Dachshund both physically and mentally in a safe, healthy way. By understanding their toy preferences, you can keep Fido happily occupied for hours.

I. Chew Toys

As any Dachshund owner knows, these dogs love to chew! It’s deeply ingrained in their nature as both terriers and hounds. According to veterinary behaviorists, chewing helps relieve teething pain in puppies and provides valuable oral stimulation for dogs of all ages.

Without appropriate chew toys, our furniture and shoes could pay the price! To satisfy their natural chewing instincts, durable toys made of rubber, nylon or bone are best.

My friend’s mini dachshund Würstel is quite the power chewer. His favorite are bully sticks – natural beef muscle tissue that provide up to an hour of entertainment as he gnaws away. Not only are they digestible, but the varying textures help scrape plaque and massage gums for oral health.

Pet owners report bully sticks are like doggy pacifiers for teething pups too. Another great chew is Nylabones, which are nearly indestructible. Their irregular shapes and grooves exercise jaws in a healthy way.

For less aggressive chewers, rope or rubber toys provide fun in different colors and sizes. The key is choosing toys made specifically for chewing – it’s good mental and physical stimulation for our dachshund friends.

II. Squeaky/Interactive Toys

When it’s time to play, few toys get a dachshund more excited than ones that squeak! According to clinical animal behaviorists, these toys help satisfy a dachshund’s natural prey drive as they mimic the sounds of small animals.

My miniature dachshund Würstel has quite the collection. His current favorite is a plush hedgehog that emits a high-pitched squeak when squeezed. The moment I pick it up, his little ears perk up and he starts zooming around the living room in excitement. The chase is on!

Squeaky toys are great for encouraging playfulness and exercise. I like to throw Würstel’s hedgehog across the room and watch him bound after it. Tug-of-war is also a favorite game.

Other interactive toys like tennis balls, Frisbees or flying discs work well too for fetch games both indoors and out. Just be sure to supervise play and check for wear and tear to avoid accidental ingestion of small parts.

Even simple plush toys can be fun for fetching. Würstel likes to “bury” his toys around the house then dig them back up. The added challenge of finding hidden treasures keeps him mentally stimulated for hours.

III. Puzzle Toys

Dachshunds are clever dogs that enjoy using their minds. Puzzle toys provide fun challenges that engage them for extended periods.

A favorite in our house is the Kong Wobbler toy. I fill it with kibble or small treats and watch little Würstel try to maneuver it around to extract every last morsel. According to Kong, these toys slow eating by 5 times which aids digestion.

Other interactive puzzles hide treats under flaps or in compartments that reward sniffing out. On rainy days, we cut holes in cardboard boxes or fill paper bags with kibble for Würstel to root around in. Talk about entertainment!

For dachshunds prone to weight gain, puzzle toys burn extra calories through problem-solving play. Some dogs catch on quickly while others remain entertained figuring them out for weeks.

Whether kibble puzzles, snuffle mats or interactive games, these toys provide mental stimulation that dachshunds crave just as much as physical exercise. The benefits to their well-being make puzzle toys well worth trying.

IV. Safety Considerations

As a smaller breed, dachshunds are more prone than larger dogs to swallowing or choking on small toy parts if unsupervised. Safety should top of mind when choosing playthings.

A friend’s doxie once required surgery after swallowing multiple stuffing balls. Always inspect new and worn toys for loose seams, buttons or parts. Remove or replace anything that could potentially detach.

I once made the mistake of giving Würstel a toy with a squeaker too large for his size. After tearing it open, I had to carefully remove the squeaker from his mouth. Now I stick to appropriately sized toys.

The ASPCA recommends avoiding anything resembling food which could confuse dogs. Ropes should be supervised for chewing to prevent ingestion. Natural chews like bully sticks pose less risk when given whole versus pieces.

Rotating different toys prevents fixation or destruction from overuse. Würstel’s favorites get switched out a few times weekly to maintain his interest. Safety and variety – it keeps playtime fun and our dachshunds out of trouble!

V. Conclusion

In summary, the best toy options for entertaining dachshunds include chew toys, squeaky toys, puzzle toys, and interactive toys that provide both physical and mental stimulation. Variety is key to keeping them engaged over the long-term.

I encourage dachshund owners to explore different types of toys from each category like bully sticks and Kongs. See what grabs Fido’s interest and helps … … burn off some of that boundless terrier energy. Don’t be afraid to try new toys periodically to discover new favorites.

Some other tips for keeping dachshunds amused include hiding treats around the house for them to sniff out or setting up an indoor agility course with tunnels and obstacles. Flirt poles, fetch and interactive games provide great exercise too.

For safety, always monitor play and check toys for wear. The right choices tailored to each dog’s personality and needs will have them begging for more playtime. With some trial and error, you’re sure to find playmates that provide hours of fun for both you and your dachshund.

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